Library Loan Policies

The Library will be open weekdays from 8:00 AM to 4:15 PM.

Students will need a written pass from their teacher in order to enter the Library during class periods.

Food and drinks are permitted at the tables ONLY in the Library.  NO GUM!

Students may check out three books for two weeks each.  Books may be renewed.

Students may request a book be placed on hold for them.  Notices will be sent when the requested book becomes available.

Students must have their school ID to check out books.

Returned books are to be placed in the book drop outside the library or inside the Library and not on the shelves.

Fines will be charged for lost or damaged books.  Fines are $.10 per day per book.

Staff may check out DVD’s for classroom use.

Students may access the automated card catalog through the link on this website on any computer.


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